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Narrative Show continues our exploitation of the potential of the processes of exhibition making, and makes visible processes of art production across an extended period. The artists, writers and performers in Narrative Show are, over the course of the summer, changing the rhythm of Eastside Projects, introducing a number of parallel, overlapping and intersecting narratives into the gallery space via three acts.

Works included are Nathaniel Mellor’s live rehearsals for his celebrated ‘Ourhouse’ video series. This will be followed by Cally Spooner’s ‘An Extraordinarily Unnecessary Interlude To Civility (Almost a One Act Play)’, a live reading performance with three protagonists and other interludes on cassette tape.

Additionally, Jemima Stehli’s discursive relationship with the Portugese post-punk band ‘If Lucy Fell’ will be explored and Sally O’Reilly is working on Chapter Three of her novel with the working title of ‘Oil!’ Meanwhile, Heather & Ivan Morison continue their relationship with the space, which started with the installation of the gallery office, Pleasure Island in 2008, producing a new puppet show script and performance which builds on those already presented in 2008 and 2009.