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Let us imagine an artists house.

A house to rehearse ideas. A house to practice in. A house to imagine a different Birmingham. A house as a public artwork. A house as an outpost. A house for a keyworker. A house for production. A social house. A not-for-profit house. A real social house. A house that is a home, not a financial tool. A home for living and working. A home that is a public good.


Free Events


Take a seat on ‘The Five K’s’, eat delicious food cooked by Jasleen Kaur and talk about eating, voting and living together. All are welcome, just come along a take grab a space.

Saturday 15 July 1–2pm (Lunch & ‘Upcycle this Book’ book launch)


Friday 9 June, 2–5pm

Uncommon Building – A Collective Assemblage of a Speculative Archive

A workshop in the guise of a consultation session, with specially invited contributors from a range of backgrounds, positions, and disciplines. Facilitated by Honor Gavin & Adam Kaasa.



Wednesday 21 June, 6.30–8pm

Housing and the Commons

In the context of the ongoing neo-liberal project, this discussion explores the practices and pleasures of commons and commoning in housing and the wider city, challenging the dynamics of state and market driven space.


Wednesday 28 June, 6.30–8.30pm

2-Way Street: Open Forum

An active sharing of knowledge and experience – felt, taught, factual, speculative – relating to living and working individually and in community. Designed by Alice Gale-Feeny



Tuesday 4 July, 5–7pm

Housing Moves: Tour and Animation Screening: 

Screening of new animations made by Crisis users working with Rosalie Schweiker.