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Artists Index: Heather & Ivan Morison

Heather & Ivan Morison (b. 1973, Desborough and b. 1974, Istanbul. Live and work in Herefordshire.) The two artists established an ambitious collaborative practice over the past decade that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre. They have exhibited widely across UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. Key projects include ‘Sleepers Awake’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2014; ‘All’s Well That Ends’, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany; ‘Smile All the While’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 2014; ‘Shadow Curriculum’, South London Gallery, London, 2013-15; ‘Skirt of the Black Mouth’, Tate Modern, London, 2012-15; ‘Nuclear Family’, National Theatre of Wales, 2013; ‘Anna’, The Hepworth, Wakefield, 2012; ‘Cave’, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, 2012; ‘Black Pig Lodge’, Southbank Centre, London, 2011; ‘Mr. Clevver’, Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania, Australia, 2011; ‘Plaza’, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada, 2010; ‘The Black Line Void’, Derry, Northern Ireland, 2009; ‘Black Cloud’, Situations, Bristol, 2009; and ‘And So it Goes’, representing Wales at the 52nd Venice Biennial, 2007. Their book, ‘Falling into Place’, a fictionalised account of their large architectural shelter works, was published by Bookworks in 2009, and is currently being made into an audio book by Palaver Press, New York. Their artwork ‘Black Pleasure’ became a long term artwork at Eastside Projects in 2013.