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Eastside Projects are interested in changing the way that art is commissioned for new property developments in the UK. It is common for councils to encourage developers to invest in artworks via the town and country planning system (S106). Art is often commissioned to adorn public spaces, however we think that art should be useful and that artists can be innovative urban planners as well. Our proposition is to initiate a working method that involves artists at a much earlier stage of a development, so that they can be part of the design and planning processes. Appointed by Cherwell District Council, Eastside Projects are the commissioning agents responsible for curating a series of public projects at Longford Park, a new housing development in Banbury by Barratt Homes, Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey. The projects will take place both in the country park and within the housing development including: The Artist House by Heather and Ivan Morison; a model village in the form of birdhouses by Richard Woods; a heated outdoor cast-iron sculpture by Nicolas Deshayes; and a participatory budgeting process by Rosalie Schweiker. You can find their proposals attached below. The projects are currently in the production phase and are due to be completed during 2018.