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Our new exhibitions are on until the 15 July 2017.

In the main gallery ‘Production Show: Artists House’ features Heather & Ivan Morison, Laura Aldridge, Honor Gavin & Theatrum Mundi, Liam Gillick, Jasleen Kaur, Roslie Schweiker & Arts in Crisis and Hardeep Pandhal and in the second gallery we are delighted to present ‘the conditions we’ve set up for ourselves’, a solo exhibition by Alice Gale-Feeny.

We have been imagining making an artists house

A house to rehearse ideas

A house to practice in

A house to imagine a different Birmingham

A house as a public artwork

A house as an outpost

A house for a keyworker

A house for production

A social house

A not for profit house

A real social house

A house that is a home, not a financial tool.

A home for living and working

A home that is a public good

Follow the link below to find out about related upcoming events.