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Artists Housing Prototype Show

1 February to 1 March 2019
Curated by

Eastside Projects

An artwork can be a thing placed here or there. Connected to its surroundings. Emitting heat. Attracting people. Supporting life.  An artwork can be a place capable of sheltering people. And other things. A shelter, a cave, a house, a village, a city – many artworks placed here and there to be used in many ways. To live, to work, to think, to rehearse, to be social – an artwork as a home. Art does not need a home. Art is a home. Eastside Projects have been developing new ideas, models and prototypes for Artists Housing – an attempt to find a new approach to produce a mutual support system. The Artists House is to be home, workspace and public artwork in one powerful combination.  Then, Artists Housing is real social housing. Artists Housing Prototype Show is a small exhibition of the journey so far and a projection of a Housing User’s Manual for the future.


Housing Manual: Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft #7.3 from Eastside Projects on Vimeo.