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This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things X is an evolving exhibition / space / performance / event. Across twelve weeks and three launch events the following artists respond to / add to / change the existing conditions and/or works previously shown within the space: Etel Adnan, Alice Channer, Teresa Cisneros, Libita Clayton, Ruth Ewan, Sarah Farmer, Melissa Gordon, Aliyah Hasinah, Jenny Holzer, Jasleen Kaur, Ana Kazaroff, Kelly Large, Grace Ndiritu – COVERSLUT©, Tabita Rezaire, Samara Scott, Amy Pettifer & Jennifer Boyd (SHELL LIKE), Amaal Said, Lady Skollie, Jennifer Tee, Andrea Luka Zimmerman.

Launch Event 1: 5 October 6–9pm

Launch Event 2: 2 November 6–11pm

Launch Event 3: 7 December 6–9pm

We have been working on an artwork for ten years. It started with This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things, an exhibition in 2008. This is not that exhibition. This is a start of a new conversation. Birth and rebirth. Evolution as call and response. An exhibition that is a start of a new sentence. An exhibition that lasts for ten years. A multiverse of exhibitions that exist only in the now, growing and changing over twelve weeks. Life and living and being alive. Exhibition as shared consciousness. Many artworks placed here and there to be used in many ways. A future art. Exhibition as magic, as shelter, as an unfurling of being. Exhibition as anger. Exhibition against the present system that deadens our sensibilities and threatens our wellbeing. To live, to work, to think, to rehearse, to be social. Exhibition that calls for society to be reworked. To be responsive to all our needs. There is no neutral stance. It is our responsibility to make exhibitions where pleasure and function are inclusive – both are required for a non-coercive, supportive society. Over the last ten years we have seen the rise of a more coercive society. We do not feel more supported. We are only more aware of the withdrawal of common and decent support. Consciousness has changed. Too often, anxiety is what is shared, not opportunity.

We will never accept this.

This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things X is an attempt at new exhibition making with old and new friends, with many voices, collaborators, artists, workers, active citizens. We are active through art – art as a key human function. We use what we can while it works. We want new life. We have joined together to execute functional constructions and to alter or refurbish existing structures as a way of surviving in a capitalist economy.

Exhibition Schedule

Friday 5 October 6–9pm Launch Event 1: Performances by Lady Skollie, Libita Clayton, Nicola Singh. New works by Samara Scott, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Jenny Holzer, Jasleen Kaur.

Saturday 6 October 1–3pm From the Artist’s Mouth: 
Join us for a series of three short artists talks, and conversation exploring approaches to performance and making work for a live experience. Libita Clayton, Nicola Singh and Lady Skollie will each introduce their approaches to making art that crosses form and location, often spilling out of the gallery in collaboration with others.

Friday 2 November 6–11pm Launch Event 2: Performances by Grace Ndiritu – COVERSLUT©, Jennifer Tee, Sarah Farmer, Libita Clayton, Alice Channer & Jennifer Boyd. New works by Etel Adnan, Alice Channer, Melissa Gordon, Jenny Holzer, Sarah Farmer, Kelly Large, Tabita Rezaire.

Saturday 3 November 12–5pm From the Artist’s Mouth – artists talks with Grace Ndiritu, Melissa Gordon and Jennifer Tee. Printing workshops/ T-shirts & Tote bags PAY WHAT YOU CAN by Grace Ndiritu – COVERSLUT©

Friday 9–Saturday 10 November, booking required. Artist Run Multiverse Summit with Kunsthal Gent, Pallas Projects, Rabbits Road Press/Oomk, Transmission, White Pube. A gathering of artist run organisations from across the UK and Europe to celebrate, share ideas, eat and sleep together and make plans for the future.

Friday 16 November 12–5pm Aliyah Hasinah presents a ‘Decolonising the Curatorial’ workshop in the gallery, booking required.

Thursday 22 November 6.30–8.30pm Amy Pettifer & Jennifer Boyd (SHELL LIKE) present a listening hour on the theme of​ extreme temperatures, industry and sociality with 8 sound commissions, booking required.

December 7  6–9pm Launch Event 3: Performances by Libita Clayton & Truemendous. New works by Ruth Ewan, Jenny Holzer, Aliyah Hasinah & Amaal Said, Teresa Cisneros & Ana Kazaroff, Kelly Large.

December 8 1–3pm From the Artists Mouth – artists talks with Aliyah Hasinah, Kelly Large, Mark Essen.

2–3pm Kelly Large presents ‘The People’s Guide to Charisma’ – ongoing research into Hollywood films, obscure documentaries & films, and artist’s film exploring how, historically, women have appeared  in public life as leaders, and the power of congregation from feminine perspectives, peripheries and centres.  

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