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Eat with Jasleen Kaur and ‘Upcycle This Book’ launch

Saturday, 15 July 2017
1 – 3pm

Upcycle This Book Launch
& Jasleen Kaur ‘The Five Ks’

1 – 3pm

Eastside Projects
(c/o) 122 Fazeley Street, B5 5RS

A book launch set in a house to feed lots of people.

A curry house.

For lunch and the book launch of ‘Upcycle this Book’ by Gavin Wade, we sat on ‘The Five K’s’, enjoyed Jasleen Kaur’s delicious food and talk about eating, living together and upcycling.

Upcycle This Book collects for the first time the writings of Gavin Wade (artist-curator and Director of Eastside Projects) and explores a practice that he refers to as ‘upcycling’, a process of stealing, copying, recycling, using other texts and artworks, and responding to existing conditions. The author says ‘Don’t make art by yourself. Make it with, from and for others. Read this if you are an artist, an artist-curator, a curator, a revolutionary, a designer, an architect, an art-lover, an art-hater, a Frank Ocean fan, a typographer, a teacher, a constructivist or a comprehensivist.’

Jasleen Kaur presents ‘The Five K’s’, a reconfigured version of the five items commanded to be worn by Sikhs in 1699. This was the first stage in her development of a system for cooking and eating en masse. Reading, eating and shouting took place on five large carpets depicting the original K’s, Kesh/Hair, Kanga/Comb, Kirpan/Sword, Kara/Bangle, Kachera/Underwear, accompanied by house rules for good eating practice. The Five K’s carpets were used to sit on and eat food cooked by Jasleen. She made further developments to her project with local industrial pot manufacturers Hansraj and Rani from JMS Cookware, Hockley.