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Housing Manual: Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft #7.3 from Eastside Projects on Vimeo

Notes for Users

Organisations do not often provide user’s manuals. Housing Manual, 2017–2019, is part of the seventh draft user’s manual for Eastside Projects, since Draft #1 was published in 2008. It explains the organisation’s approach to housing, and is part of a set that includes #7.1 Production Report, 2017; #7.2 Policy Manual, 2017; and further parts are proposed for the near future. This is the first User’s Manual that takes the form of an animation and continues our approach to revealing what Eastside Projects is made of, how it was set up, who it is for, how it can be used and what it can offer. As would be the case for operating a machine or learning a subject, a manual may be necessary for the full use of Eastside Projects or art.

‘The Artists’ House’ is an action based research project initiated by Eastside Projects and Studio Morison in 2015. Since then we have worked with other artists and organisations to develop a range of approaches to Artists Housing. We are looking to create tangible solutions in the area of housing. We believe that artists play a valuable role in communities, bringing vitality and engendering positive change. One of our approaches is to place artists’ houses (that is houses designed by artists and for artists to live in), into new large scale areas of housing development. We are currently producing ‘The Artists’ House’, an inhabitable public artwork by Heather & Ivan Morison, as part of Park Life, Longford Park, Banbury – a public art commission for Cherwell District Council, and we are developing the Birmingham Artists House.

Eastside Projects have also collaborated with Impact Hub Birmingham to outline an Eastside Alternative Development Corporation. We have committed to working together to approach the housing crisis in a holistic, systemic manner, from land identification, financing and planning approval, to home design and ultimate construction. Within our city, across the country and throughout the world access to affordable, secure housing is one of the biggest problems we face. As a collective of active citizens we want to offer an alternative to the standard version of housing as real estate, instead producing housing as home, workspace and public artwork. Our vision is one which sees participation and engagement as core principles rather than post rationalisation add-ons and we are working towards a model which is financially sustainable but focused on the creation of social, cultural and environmental capital. We aim to unlock underused land to build, sustainable, adaptable homes and live work spaces, using open systems and design processes to create models which can be replicated by self building communities elsewhere.

Housing Manual: Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft #7.3

Written by Vanessa Boni and Gavin Wade

Edited by Rosie Eveleigh

Voice Artists: Aliyah Hasinah, Jasleen Kaur, Ben Sadler

Artists Housing by:

Act 1: Nicolas Deshayes animated by James Langdon/Rosie Eveleigh
Act 2: Studio Morison animated by Rosie Eveleigh
Act 3: Richard Woods animated by Lorcan Woods
Act 4: Liam Gillick animated by James Wreford/Rosie Eveleigh
Act 5: Studio Morison animated by James Wreford/Rosie Eveleigh

Published on the occasion of:

Artists Housing Prototype Show
1 February – 1 March 2019
Artcore, Derby, UK


Eastside Projects User’s Manual Draft #7
Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
27 May – 3 June 2017