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Two Short Plays

27 November 2009 to 23 January 2010

Two Short Plays is a solo exhibition by Liam Gillick, one of the most significant artists to emerge from the UK in the last twenty years. The London/New York based artist directs the premiere performance of ‘Lapdog of the Bourgeoisie’ and a re-staging of ‘Mirrored Image: A “Volvo” Bar’.

Gillick utilises the roles of artist, designer, critic, author, director and curator to produce artworks that take many forms from platforms and screens through to the use of sound, colour or text to adjust or filter a situation.

‘Lapdog of the Bourgeoisie’ is a one act murder mystery play based on an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, set at night-time in the main gallery space. Staged as a visit to a critical culture exhibition, the shifting set of characters includes The Museum Director, The Art Collective, The Curator, Collector A & B and Liam.

‘Mirrored Image: A “Volvo” bar’ sees Gillick working with a group of young Münich actors within a structure designed by the artist. Set in the “Volvo Bar” on August 8, 1993, the day before the Volvo car plant closed and transferred to Eastside Projects in Birmingham, Gillick’s eight act play explores which social phenomena of a post-industrial society are played out, presenting the negotiation of models of communality.

Liam Gillick’s Two Short Plays display a system of art production that is as multi-faceted and misleading as the complexity of contemporary society, functioning as a series of playful parallels to the dominant culture.