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Decolonising the Curatorial

Friday, 16 November 2018
2 – 5pm

Aliyah Hasinah and Shaheen Kasmani presented a Decolonising the Curatorial workshop in the gallery, exploring pluralistic and non-voyeuristic methods of curation.  It was an interactive workshop asking hard questions and establishing a co-curated and workshop-sourced decolonial curation practice.


Aliyah Hasinah(b.1996, Reading, Berkshire. Lives and works in Birmingham)

Aliyah Hasinah is a curator, writer, producer and aspiring historian/filmmaker. Her most recent projects include ‘The Past Is Now’ exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Apples and Snakes Poetic Theatre Makers Programme, SBTV Custard Factory Pop up, TEDxBrum 2017 and more.

Aliyah is part of art against the grain collective and Birmingham podcast ‘Who Got the Juice?’. Aliyah focuses her work on decolonial thought in practice and developing decolonial curatorial practice. She has worked with the V&A, Southbank Centre, Saqi Books, The Midlands Art Centre, Eventbrite, Birmingham Hippodrome, BMAG, BBC, Channel 4 Random Acts amongst others. Aliyah is currently Midlands Producer for Apples and Snakes.