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Link + Shift: SOUNDwalk B37

May - December 2020

Using sound and listening to encourage deeper connections with the local environment, SOUNDkitchen have spent the summer working with residents in Chelmsley Wood to create a neighbourhood SOUNDwalk for their Link + Shift Artists Walk commission.

Drawing on the local knowledge of B37 Project and the Tribal Community Rangers they have mapped local green spaces including woods, parks, lakes and wild areas, identified sites of interest and produced field recordings that draw on a range of sources – the hidden sounds of underwater life and bats, native and more exotic bird song, local people enjoying their green spaces and interviews with wildlife experts and enthusiasts. These recordings form the basis of a series of sonic responses that populate the walk, offering residents and visitors a new way to explore Chelmsley Wood, and an opportunity to make deeper connections with the natural environment within and around the estate.

SOUNDwalk B37 creates a self-guided journey of immersive, audio experiences which can be experienced using a smartphone. Their free SOUNDwalker app uses GPS to guide the walker to different locations and, on arrival, triggers audio tracks which provide site specific responses to the immediate environment.

SOUNDwalk B37 will launch with community walks and other family activities over the October half-term , following which the walk will be freely available on the SOUNDwalker app for the public to enjoy at their leisure. A physical map and information about the walk will also be available from various locations in the Chelmsley Wood area.

Following this event the SOUNDwalk B37 map will be accessible for all through the SOUNDwalker app.

This project is supported by @WestMidRailway

Follow: @soundkitchenuk