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Link + Shift: SOUNDwalk B37

2020 – 2021

Using sound and listening to encourage deeper connections with the local environment, SOUNDkitchen have worked with B37 Project, Tribal Rangers, MAPA (Meriden Adventure Playground), Sustainable Life, Jubilee Community Garden, Kingshurst Allotments, Clean & Green & communities in North Solihull to create a neighbourhood SOUNDwalk for their Link + Shift Artists Walk commission.

SOUNDwalk: B37 explores the green spaces of the B37 postcode area in Solihull, offering a new way of experiencing the local environment as it guides you through an immersive journey of audio encounters. Discover the hidden sounds of bats and underwater life, listen to wind and rain on metal structures, learn to identify different trees, and forage for food guided by local people passionate about wildlife.

The walk has four routes that can be explored as individual walks or as part of a longer experience. You can start at any point on any of the routes.

Find out about the routes and listen to audio excerpts on SOUNDkitchen’s website HERE



To experience this location-based walk please download the free SOUNDwalker app to your smartphone. The app will stream audio if you have a good connection, but this can use up your data and battery life. We recommend using wifi to download the audio files in advance so it will run offline. Open the app, select B37, click the download button.

Once downloaded, travel to one of the walking routes shown on the map, open the app and select the B37 walk from the menu. Plug in your headphones then make your way to the listening points shown in the app where the audio tracks will begin to play.



You can download a map of the walk in our resources section below, or pick up a paper copy from MAPA in Meriden Park.

Link + Shift Artists Walks are commissioned by Eastside Projects and supported by West Midlands Railway, and support communities to tell their own stories and re-imagine the place in which they live.