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Public Projects Ongoing

Link + Shift: Artists Walk


March - December 2020

An octopus escaping from a skatepark, a group of gossiping blades of grass, and slimy gunk on a park bench.

These are just three of the scenarios that artist Sarah Taylor Silverwood is developing with Yr 5 school kids as an Artists Walk for Chelmsley Wood. The walk is part of Link + Shift, a community project supported by West Midlands Railways, which will take people on a journey from Marston Green train station into the town centre, uncovering new and unexpected stories, animating the area and encouraging residents and visitors to look at where they are from a different perspective.

Sarah is working with a group of budding artists from Fordbridge Primary School to explore alternative stories about the local landscape through a series of activities including; walking storytelling workshops, comic making and co-designing an interactive illustrated map of the area.

Over the course of the project Sarah will make a collection of short animations that illustrate alternative public statues, weird and imaginary landmarks and temporary forms observed by the children.

The Link + Shift Artists Walks project aims to support communities to tell their own stories and collectively re-imagine the place in which they live.

This project is supported by West Midlands Railway @WestMidRailway

Fordbridge Community Primary School @fordbridge2013