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Family Workshop: Garden City

Friday, 10 August 2018
11am – 3pm

Session 1: 11am–12.30pm

Session 2: 1.30–3pm

Artist Ruth Claxton took us on an exciting sculptural expedition into a world of imaginary plants and future flora. We let our imaginations run wild as we created a green estate full of magical plants, fantastic flowers and freaky foliage that might grow in Chelmsley Wood in the future.

This workshop was one of a series run by Eastside Projects in Chelmsley Wood this summer as part of the Green Estate, in partnership with B37 Project. Artists Sarah Taylor Silverwood and Sophie Bullock led Family Workshops on 24 and 31 August, and we also ran Many Worlds a Summer School for young people aged 16–24 who are interested in careers in the Creative Industries.

This activity supported the first iteration of Link and Shift an offsite programme curated by Eastside Projects in partnership with West Midlands Trains. Built around a series of Artists’ residencies and Artist-Led Walks the programme develops high quality arts opportunities and experiences for people and places along the Midlands Trains route.