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Public Projects Ongoing

Many Worlds: Chelmsley Wood

28 July to 15 September 2018

Many Worlds is a free summer course of six creative workshops, connecting a group of young people based in Chelmsley Wood with practising artists and designers.

Throughout the summer the Many Worlds participants will explore pathways into creative careers through practical workshops in art, architecture, photography, illustration, spoken word, graphic design, print-making and publishing, with artists and designers Jo Capper, Mike Dring, Stuart Whipps, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Bethany Slinn, Louise Byng and Holodeck.

This pilot edition of Many Worlds is part of B37 Project’s Green Estate programme, which aims to increase community engagement with urban green space and encourage collective re-imaginings of Chelmsley Wood. Through a range of participatory and creative exchanges, residents and invited practitioners will explore ideas of belonging, play, care and common purpose. Eastside Projects is also contributing three artist-led family workshops.

We hope the pilot programme will expand into a regular creative meet-up for young people living in Chelmsley Wood, which will run alongside the ongoing Link & Shift programme of residencies and artist walks which will launch in Chelmsley Wood/Marston Green later in the year, funded by West Midlands Trains.