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Somewhere in the crowd there’s you

2 March to 27 April 2019

Exhibition Launch: Digbeth First Friday, 1 March, 6–8pm

Melody, harmony, cacophony, beat.

This multi-channel sound installation layers collected vocals, earworm hooks, choral fragments and field recordings, oscillating between synchronisation and discord. Tensions between the solo and the chorus: precarious rhythms, tensions and surges, climaxes and relaxations. Melody broken to a sum of its parts.

Considering the ‘group’ as something simultaneously claustrophobic and comforting, embracing and alienating, the work takes its title from ‘Super Trouper’ by the not-so-harmonious-pop-group Abba.

Freya Dooley works with the potential and limitations of the live and recorded voice. She is interested in the shared experience of listening and the effort of listening. Interruptions.Deviations. The point at which things crack.

Listen to Freya in conversation with Gavin Wade at From the Artists Mouth on 2 March:

This project is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

Freya Dooley is an artist based in Cardiff. She works with writing, moving image, sound and performance. Her practice combines literary and pop culture references to create fragmented monologues, dialogues, soundtracks and auto/biographical semi-fictions. She also has a collaborative practice with artist Cinzia Mutigli. She was awarded a Jerwood Visual Arts Bursary in 2018 and is a member of Syllabus III. Recent projects include ‘Speakable Things’, Oriel Davies, Newtown 2018; ‘Time and Space Residency’, Metal, Southend 2018; ‘I love you but’, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea 2018; ‘Rhythms and Disturbances’, G39, Cardiff 2016.