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Listening Party

Friday, 5 April 2019
6 – 9pm

Welcome to the Listening Party, borrowing the model of a two-channel silent disco with commissioned mixes by artists Phoebe Davies and Ashley Holmes, this event will create a social space for private listening. A part of Freya Dooley’s exhibition Somewhere in the crowd there’s you the event acts as a disruption to the exhibition and an invitation to synchronise, with commissioned mixes by artists Phoebe Davies and Ashley Holmes.

Listening Party is a result of ongoing conversations between the three artists around music, sound and sound-tracking: the intimacy of listening as a way to alter or accompany mental, emotional and physical states.

Phoebe Davies (b. Cardiff 1985) is a Welsh artist and researcher based at Somerset House Studios. Her practice investigates how people perceive their social framework, often working with and in response to individuals and communities, generating work through collaboration, collective action and DIT* strategies. Her outcomes are often project dependent, including: constructed social spaces, live performances, video, audio and print works. Recent projects have led her to work with male sports teams, sex educators, farmers, secondary school students, elderly care homes and DJs.

Ashley Holmes (b. Luton 1990) is a Sheffield based multidisciplinary artist who uses archival material and combines it with an interest in the temporality of time based media, focussing on the spaces Blackness occupies within the traditions and language of visual and aural histories.
His work spans across moving image, performance, installation, radio broadcasts and music production, exploring contemporary conversations and thinking around raciology – a discourse that assumes certain stereotypes, prejudices, images and identities.

This project is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.