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“Tangible World, 2020”


In stock

Piezography on Hahnemuhle White Velvet
27 x 40 cm
edition of 30, signed and numbered

Starting at £200, the price of the edition will increase as the edition sells out.

Emma Talbot has generously made a new print edition in support of Eastside Projects on the occasion of her new large-scale commission ‘When Screens Break’.

The archival full-colour print on hand made paper represents one of Talbot’s drawings 1:1 within the wider body of work imagining a future world where technology has moved beyond the control of humans and operates as a distant but authoritarian force. The title ‘Tangible World’ connects to one of the central texts within the artist’s paintings and animation works: ‘Remember when We had tangible bodies That could touch and feel Living in danger With the ecstasy of moments we could never relive’

This year’s winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women imagines a future where our current technology is obsolete, and humans look back at the early 21st century with nostalgia, reminiscing about the shared intimacy and relationships between human and device.

Thanks to Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam.