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“One Day In Birmingham”, 2012


Shu fa is the Chinese art and theorem of writing, traditionally known as calligraphy, which Yangjiang Group utilise as a unique form to develop diverse contemporary art practices and experiences. The goal of the group, based in the city of Yangjiang in Guangdong, China, is to rebel against the traditional situation of calligraphy in new China.

On 16 March 2012 a meal took place in the artists pavilion in Eastside Projects and, after dinner, guests watched the artists form a series of shu fa works from the food left over. The shu fa was then photographed and made into billboards and this print edition.

The work existed in 3 versions based on a Chinese proverb – One day in the mountain is worth 1000 years in the world. The exhibition was co-commissioned with Grizedale Arts, hence the relation of Birmingham to Grizedale in the Lake District which the artists also visited. Grizedale Arts have the opposing print edition to this work.

c-print, 55x60cm
Edition of 30