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Artists Index: Emma Talbot

Emma Talbot (b.1969, Stourbridge, lives and works in London). Talbot was born in Stourbridge in the Black Country, where she lived for a short while before moving to London with 
her family. She returned to the Midlands in 1988 to study 
at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Recent solo exhibitions include: “Means of Escape, Mrs rick”s Cupboard” at Primary, Nottingham (2013); “Bad objects, Little Deaths”, Transition Gallery, London (2012); “You would cry too if it happened to you”, Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp (2011). Selected group exhibitions include: “Mind The Gap”, Petra Rinck Galerie, Dusseldorf (2014); and “Drawn Together”, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings (2014).