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Artists Index: Roger Coward

Roger Coward (b.1939 Great Malvern, lives and works in Powys, Wales) was featured in the recent Tate Liverpool exhibition “Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789–2013” exhibition. He was Senior Lecturer in Film Making at the University of Westminster for twenty years and went on to train and practice as a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist for a quarter of a century. He is an author, and has edited and designed of a new artist book surveying the overall 1975 project, published by Eastside Projects. Previously he has directed eight documentary films including a BBC1 Arts Film. In the theatre he was an Assistant Director at the Royal Court Theatre, was Co-Director of the Recreation Ground lunchtime Theatre, directed for the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe and the Soho Theatre London with his production; “Jack” being televised by the BBC.