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You and Me Here We Are

16 May to 11 July 2015
Curated by

Gavin Wade

Eastside Projects and Roger Coward re-visit his 1975 Artist Placement Group project in Birmingham. Focusing on Small Heath as part of the Department of Environment’s Inner Area Study, the exhibition of original material includes the artist’s film ‘The Most Smallest Heath in the Spaghetti Junction’, a new artist’s book, a symposium ‘The Studio in Society’ 4 July, and a revival of two plays devised and performed in Digbeth in 1975.

The exhibition involves archive objects, artefacts and documentation and the re-staging of two group authored plays – ‘Here We Are And Here We Go’ and ‘Happiness in the Homeland’ – created and performed as part of the placement and reimagined by Frances Viner who directed the original plays in 1975.