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Crit Club – Social Practices

1 June to 7 September 2023

EOP Crit Club is an opportunity for members to discuss their work with others and gain feedback as part of a group of practitioners with shared interests and concerns. These sessions are a chance to make connections, and to learn from one another about different tactics, including how to develop a critical and sustainable practice.

The specific focus of this edition of the Crit Club is socially engaged projects. Participating EOP members might have a community oriented art or curatorial practice; projects that aim to develop mutual care structures; are interested in anti-capitalist and non-financial exchange systems; or aim to strengthen community through de/anti-colonial practices…

Seven EOP members are taking part in this series of three (online) critical exchanges and discussions about their work, between June and October 2023. We are pleased to announce the participating artists are Anita AgarwalNiki Colclough, Luminara Florescu, Kristina Hall, Alison Larkman, Nadia Rossi, and Becky Warnock,