Date: 11 January – 2 February 2021
Location: ArtRoom, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

The first exhibition from the newly formed Mixed Rage collective, ‘We Are The Others’, showcases works from various artists telling of their experiences of being mixed heritage. This exhibition considers the effect of ‘othering’, lack of representation, daily micro-aggressions, and displacement felt by people of mixed heritage, interweaving the highly political and colonial backdrop into which they were born, as well as celebrating their mixed cultures and heritage.

Sherrie Edgar is a multidisciplinary visual artist creating innovative art films, her work focuses on loneliness and isolation, youth culture, feminism, and mixed heritage. Niall Singh is a mixed media artist specialising in poetry and song. Jane Thakoordin is a multi-media/ textile artist and founder of Artivistas, a collective of women artists who create social justice artwork. Sina Leasuasu is a Polynesian artist from New Zealand passionate about making zines and digital art on indigenous identity themes.

Produced by Sevonah Golabi and Cody Lee Barbour

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