a borrowing of bones – Oona Wilkinson (Group Exhibition)

a borrowing of bones

Isabella Clark  |  Jack Brown  |  Joss Heierli  |  Oona Wilkinson

Preview: Friday 8 March, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition: 9 March – 29 March 2024

Slugtown are delighted to present a borrowing of bones, an off-site group exhibition of four artists from across the UK and The Netherlands: Jack Brown, Isabella Clark, Joss Heierli and Oona Wilkinson at Paradise Works, Manchester.

Drawn from the poem October Fullness by Pablo Neruda, a borrowing of bones considers notions of absence, memory, and the transience of existence and time. Within the exhibition, the artists reflect upon the material traces we each leave behind, that both reveal and conceal personal histories. The susceptibility of these remnants to retain marks and gestures provide opportunities for us to bestow our own narratives and values onto them, whilst they remain curiously elusive.