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ONLINE In-Conversation

Friday, 17 November 2023
1 – 2pm

if I walk behind you and try to imagine what it feels like to move like you, listen and think like you, can I become closer to you, protect you, pave the way for you? 

Spend your lunchtime with Artist Natasha MacVoy and curator Jes Fernie as they continue the conversations that have informed if I walk behind you, a short text written by Jes which sits alongside U & I and explores many of the ideas and experiences that underpin the exhibition.


Jes Fernie is an independent curator, writer and lecturer based in the UK. She is interested in the social, political and environmental context in which art is made, situated, and viewed. In 2021 she launched the Archive of Destruction, a long-term, international research project that brings together narratives around public sculpture that has been destroyed by rage, boredom, fear, greed and love. In 2023 she curated a contemporary sculpture exhibition at MKGallery that explored the body’s newly configured relation to the world which involves increasingly fluid movement between binary systems, technology, human forms, animals, identities, and the environment. She often works with artists to develop texts, ideas and conversations.

Natasha MacVoy’s exhibition U & I is open at Eastside Projects from 7 October –16 December.