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Artists Index: Rob Pruitt

Robert Pruitt (b. 1964, Washington D.C. Lives and works in New York) Pruitt was a rising star in New York in the 90s, until the early success of his collaborative practice with Jack Early ended in controversy. Their 1992 show Red, Black, Green, Red, White and Blue at Leo Castelli Gallery, which is now considered to have ‘intended to reflect the exploitation of black icons by corporate America’, was deemed racist, and protests ensued. This piece has since been re-enacted at Tate Modern in 2009. Pruitt’s comeback in 1998 was equally controversial, where he offered Cocaine Buffet, a minimalist line of cocaine that stretched 16 feet across the space. Recent exhibitions include Air de Paris, Paris; Franco Noero Gallery, Torino; and he is represented by Gavin Browns Enterprise, New York.