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Artists Index: Richard Tuttle

Richard Tuttle (b. 1941, Rahway, New Jersey. Lives and works in New Mexico and New York) Richard Tuttle is an American post-minimalist known for his small, subtle, intimate sculptures and paintings which he prefers to call ‘drawings’. Although he is now considered a seminal figure in American Art History, Tuttle’s survey in 1975 at the Whitney Museum of American Art was so controversial the curator at the time, Marcia Tucker, lost her job as a result. With critic Hamilton Kramer stating ‘ is tempted to say, where art is concerned, less has never been as less than this.’ Tuttle is represented by The Pace Gallery in New York, Modern Art/Stuart Shave in London, Galerie Schmela in Düsseldorf and Annemarie Verna Galerie in Zurich.