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Artists Index: Fer Boyd

Fer Boyd (b. 1998, UK) is a writer and artist whose bodily theories and ecstatic narratives manifest in sound, performance and text. They have exhibited and performed widely, including Liverpool Biennial, Guest Projects, ICA and Eastside Projects (UK), Slug Gallery (Germany), and Outer Space (Australia), and been published by magazines and galleries including Extra Extra, Afterall, After Us and Whitechapel Gallery. Their cult corporeal manifesto A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text was released by COUNTRY MUSIC in 2017, and has been read worldwide at club nights, festivals, on syllabuses and in reading groups, metamorphosed into music, and performed underwater. In 2018 they were awarded the Prix International for Creative Critical Thinking by the Foundation Prince Pierre de Monaco for the textual elements of 'Skinned' and 'Detouched' (Eastside Projects & Motto Books), a pair of books by sculptor Alice Channer. They are one half of SHELL LIKE, a collective endeavour in deep listening and the expansiveness of the voice, that since 2017 has worked with numerous writers, artists and institutions.