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Artists Index: Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price (Born 1966 Luton. Lives and works in London.) AT THE HOUSE OF MR X takes as its subject the home of an anonymous art collector, designed and built in the late 1960s to incorporate a significant collection of post-war British sculpture. It was only briefly inhabited, but the house and collection complete and immaculately preserved. The film opens as a benign visit to the house. A slow, visual tour begins, proceeding from the entrance through open-plan areas, into every room. The tour is directed by a silent narrator, present as an on-screen script. This narrator is the guide for the tour, and the only protagonist in the film. The script is collaged from documents relating to the House, art collection, and business ventures of the former resident, who generated his wealth through cosmetics brands Outdoor Girl and Mary Quant. Recent solo exhibitions include User Group Disco Spike Island, Bristol, 2009, At the House of Mr X, Stanley Picker Gallery, London and A Public Lecture and Exhumation, Studio Voltaire, London. Group shows include Word Event, Kunsthalle Basel, and Local operations, The Serpentine Gallery. She is represented by MOT International, London.