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The Siren of the Deep, Exhibition Film

Leah Clements – The Siren of the Deep (subtitled + captions available)
Leah Clements – The Siren of the Deep (subtitled + embedded captions)
Leah Clements – The Siren of the Deep (subtitled + audio description)

Leah Clements has created a film of her exhibition The Siren of the Deep as an access point to the show for anyone unable to visit due to disability, economic, or other reasons.

There are three video options available. The first video features subtitles and captions, the latter of which can be toggled on and off. The second video features subtitles and captions embedded in the video. The third video features an audio description narrated by Leah.

As the show is both sculptural and time-based, traditional modes of documentation can’t quite communicate it. Although it’s not possible to create an exact recreation of what’s in the space, this film aims to represent its core as an alternative mode of viewing, and asks – if this exhibition were a film, what would that look like?