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SPUR.BOT, a hybrid of software and hardware the virus probes, penetrates and engulfs the network.

Eastside Projects has selected three artists SPUR BOTClover, and Divinity 0-0.1-0.2-0.3 from SPUR.WORLD to be hosted on STREAM during May 2021.

The SPUR 2020/2021 Core Artists are Zhang OO, Sade Arellano, Nicholas Delap, Emma Dolan, Jordan Edge, Arieh Frosh, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Elijah Kennedy, Nuka Nayu, Kerolaina Linkevica, Niamh Lynch, Kinnari Saraiya, and Ellie Towers.

SPUR.WORLD is a browser-based game developed and run through Unity game engine.  Please note that web pages will take some time to fully load. If you encounter a blank screen check that your browser is updated to the most recent version. 

Use the following commands to navigate the world: W/A/S/D to move – Mouse to look – SPACE to jump – Click anywhere to close.

SPUR is produced by Chaos Magic, Omsk Social Club and D-UNIT and funded by Arts Council England. Find out more HERE