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ONLINE Studio Visit

Get behind the scenes at this informal lunchtime conversation with artist melissandre varin.

In this online event we will talk about melissandre’s practice and les ongles noirs, an undisciplined exhibition that will mobilise liveness through performance arts as a guide, spirit, and loving ancestor. les ongles noirs is an invitation to: play, hum, express rage, throw soil on white walls, pray, mourn, dance, lament, grieve, sit with ourselves, rock, reorient, touch and be moved by the unknown as the gallery trans-forms.

melissandre has been working with Eastside Projects as an Incidental Artist across the last twelve months and the project will emerge through a series of artists gatherings in Birmingham and at Ban Workshop in Dakar in Senegal – an embodied, collaborative process infused with an intoxicating ‘i don’t know’ which will punctuate the unfolding experiment.

les ongles noirs will open at Eastside Projects on Friday 7 June 2024 and is co-commissioned by Eastside Projects, and Fabric and supported by Arts Council England and Fluxus.

Recorded 22 February 2024.