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What is at stake in experiencing performance? How is this experience mediated, live and direct in close physical contact or mediated and transmitted via technology and screens? What does it mean to make performance, now in a pandemic and post-pandemic world? Where is performance made and shown, and by whose authorship?

Hosted by artist Harold Offeh, this event explored what is currently at stake in performance across all live contemporary art forms, reflected on the current climate for making and sharing performance and built collective conversations in response to a series of urgent questions and provocations by guest contributors. Guests included Barak adé Soleil artist and Co-Director of Live Art Development Agency, Joe Moran choreographer and director of Dance Art Foundation, Louise O’Kelly curator and founder of Block Universe, Lucie Mirkova, Head of Artistic Programmes at DanceXchange, and SERAFINE1369 dancer and artist.

The event started with a series of provocations exploring ‘what is at stake in performance now’. With responses engaging with current concerns within choreography, contemporary art, live art, artistic practice, and beyond. We explored what is at stake in the live experience, and what a removed viewing through a screen or device may add or take away from the observer.

The symposium took place live online and was recorded on 4 December 2021.