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Studio Visit

Go behind the scenes at this informal lunchtime conversation between artist Abbas Zahedi and Eastside Project’s Artist Maker Ruth Claxton. During this online event they will be talking about Abbas’ practice and Sonic Signals, the radio project he is developing with children and staff from Chandos Primary School in Highgate, Birmingham and Eastside Projects.

Sonic Signals, 2022/2023, is a proposal for a new form of educational infrastructure; conflating and connecting multiple sites: a recording studio, a radio club and a pirate radio transmission. Responding to the particularities of working with Eastside Projects and Chandos Primary School, this site-sensitive concept postulates a new kind of relationship between the two organisations. With the idea being to create a channel of transmission, which can send audio from the school into the gallery space, where the signals received will be played openly for the public to hear.The broadcast will go live in the gallery in Summer 2023.

Recorded Tuesday 11 April 2023.