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Public Projects Ongoing


2017 – 2018

#twenga is an annual renga
of 100 Verses on Twitter
Sabaki (Lead Poet) – Gavin Wade
Host Poet – Paul Conneally


Alison Raybould @jamray
James Kennedy @jameskcentral
Cathy Wade @cathy_wade
Emma Bolland @emmazbolland
Mathew Parkin @mathewparkin
Paul Conneally @LittleOnion
Yvette Gresle @yvettegresle
Gavin Wade @eprjcts
Patrick Goodall @artpickdarkpot
Sid Sidowski @sidowski
Tina Francis @tinafrancis15
Brenda Hickin @brenda_hickin


31 December 2017 – 3 March 2018


first footing
a hot drink and a mince pie
to see in the year

a circle of plant pots
haloed by thawing snow

days off and on
till the moon falls in line
with the calendar

cold down pressure
back from daylight saving

in crystal peaks
Tom whispers a familiar joke
in his husband’s ear

delicate raku pots
pulled from the embers

the swirl and swoop
of late evening bats
over Lake Wannsee

high tea taken on
the low veranda

before the bridge
at Stratford be sure
to remove your stove pipe

grinding to the skatepark
on Chelmsley Wood

a line of patients
on stretchers and wheelchairs
outside A&E

roles reverse as she rescues
her mam’s dropped stitches

crying on the stairs
she sits with me and says
let’s have five minutes

absorbed in each other
we form a looping meniscus

buds come back
you don’t expect it
but they do

trip you up in blue bell
patches of sunlight

Alexander holds up
the weirdest looking kite
Mabel has ever seen

eternal footprints
in pristine moon dust

faces lit
by bottle rockets
and Catherine wheels

the Empress dreams
of an October revolution

for years they talk
this and that
until one moves up

in the dog days dogs
nodding in the dust haze

Abu Wad’s roses
bloom in the rubble
of Aleppo

x stitch more radical
than socialist worker

without reserve
bravely we fight against
all backwardness

the compass in the heel
of his first lace ups

a song rings out
from deep in the hawthorns
a fallen blossom

the meteorologists
plan a spring wedding

his daughter asks
where the bunny comes
in the Easter story

dwarfed by the
ovum’s corona

her busy thumbs
emoticon love
on the Waterloo train

a car park corner
one shoe left behind

hurling insults
at the presidential
press conference

kayaking solo
fighting the raging current

a hedgehog
ready for hibernation
walks the back border

ochre moons
pressed into clay

bitter fruit
stains the gin magenta
curls my tongue

his wild drag
stuffed in a rucksack

the whole family
piled on the sofa
in post lunch rapture

her foodbank donation
weighs heavily on her

are also songs
voices lost

will action be taken
in the wake of Grenfell

maybe we can trust
the blockchain
as it kicks into gear

we search in vain
for a public toilet

slashing the canvas
Lucio vents his spleen

feasting parasites
outside and in

off the coast
of Mozambique

bandits in the hills
not far from Guernica

writhing on the floor
howling and desperate
for quick fix cat sex

take me to the Limit
one last time

Tina’s love letter
breaks the rules
in writing class

at Sunday School
a non-believer daydreams

our skeletons show
a symmetry
so often denied

moons cluster
around your neck

after torrential rain
wandering stars
pause on pavements

head torch trails
my Autumn morning runs

where goats fear to tread
vertigo strikes above
the inviting Greek surf

lost lines folding over

between clean sheets
we two boys together

soft catkins
are hawthorn too soon

even the old
feel the sap rising
with the day length

greens in a pan
with ash and ember and fat

a suitcase of lemons
a parting sharpness
smoke in our trail

that face you pull
that says I’m sorry

drunk on moon rays
dysphoric octopuses
dream of the city

conkers cascade
onto infertile tarmac

in the puddle
a skein of geese
is heading south

alliance not defiance
painted on a banner

the staff meeting
about the upcoming
women’s strike

sweat and dust map
the pitcher’s forehead

eyes back and forth
nose up and down
breathing sweet box

Lucy’s lungs relax
after the initial chill

Zephyrus leaves Thrace
to warm Hyacinth
by the West wind

cast off figureheads
on museum walls

she sends me
a pair of long socks
and tells me to visit

your travel
is covert colonialism

sharing a Fluitje
in traffic watching
the sirens pass

the sex museum
is closed for repairs

our love, not archived
as acts and artefacts
but fluid, live

nice people
look the other way

carillion calls
for help for help
the wolves the sheep

standing in the snow
singing bloody hymns

steam rising
in the vestry a kettle
to defrost the font

text me
when you get home

pages of passion
he speaks with the rhythm
of Wolverhampton

graffiti blooms
hunting pike down the cut

en passant
chess and chorizo
in the olive tree’s shade

public private partnerships
asset stripping schools

doodling furiously
super heroes appear
during chemistry

silver strands
caught in a hairbrush

a bowl of persimmons
by the window

moonrise, Puerto Rico

the rice planters sing
of earth wind and fire
the birth of art

they search for a code
to unlock the response

a four colour
cherry blossom tattoo
to cover his name

young hummingbirds
hone their skills

angling the jib
to mark the equinox
Tony parks the crane

rough sleepers waiting
for something to change

everyone knows
there’s nothing better than
clean fresh underwear

lemon, cucumber, tonic
and evergreen pleats