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The Timeshare Project: Kunsthal Aarhus 100 Years

27 May to 3 June 2017

Eastside Projects has been invited by Kunsthal Aarhus to take part in ‘The Timeshare Project’ and spend a week in residence in the Kunsthal’s octagonal exhibition space.

From 27 May – 3 June Eastside Projects Directors, staff and invited guests will hold a weeklong editorial meeting, with activity in Denmark and the UK, focused on the production of a series of new Draft #7 User’s Manuals.

This is the seventh draft user’s manual of Eastside Projects, across one week at Kunsthal Aarhus we will be concepting, prototyping, developing, testing and upcycling a new set of user’s manuals for multiverse, gallery, display, production, housing and policy.

Kunsthal Aarhus is a contemporary art centre located at the centre of the city of Aarhus, Denmark. The institution initiates, commissions, produces and presents art at an international level to local, regional, and international audiences. Kunsthal Aarhus creates art in a broad context, connected to other fields of human activity, other disciplines, and to a wider society as part of a sustainable approach.

Like a timeshare holiday home, Kunsthal Aarhus is hosting five international art institutions in the spring of 2017. Each taking turn, they will present weeklong curatorial and editorial projects in the Kunsthal’s octagonal exhibition space.

Following these five visits, the institutions will produce individual publications, which constitute the project’s second timesharing format. By transporting the reader back to recent, distant or virtual pasts – or into the future, a publication effectively serves as a time machine that grants us access to other moments in time.

In 2017 Kunsthal Aarhus celebrates its 100th anniversary. As a Kunsthal in the original sense of the term, Kunsthal Aarhus does not have a collection where we can consult and negotiate this century of exhibition making. The Timeshare Project in turn substitutes recollection with timesharing as a collective, border-crossing contemporary practice.


Eastside Projects: User’s Manuals Draft #7: 27.05 – 03.06

REAL DMZ PROJECT (KR): The Aarhus Edition: 31.03 – 08.04

Starship Magazine (DE): Starship No. 16: 15.04 – 22.04

Oda Projesi & SALT (TR): Public Spaces and Cultural Capitals: 29.04 – 06.05

Rond-Point Projects (FR): Anywhere out of the Book: 13.05 – 20.05