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The 25 Paintings – World Tour

2014 – 2027

Bill Drummond is on a fourteen-year world tour. In each of those years Bill Drummond will work in a different city in a different country. The tour started in 2014 and the tour will end in 2027.

The title of the tour is: The 25 Paintings – World Tour

2014: Birmingham, UK
2015: Belgrade, Serbia
2016: Kolkata, India

2018: Lexington, North Carolina, USA
2019: Ribadavia, Galicia, Spain
2020: Bingöl, Kurdistan, Turkey

2021: Half Time

2022: Jinja, Uganda
2023: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2024: Akureyri, Iceland
2025: Goaribari Island, Papua New Guinea
2026: Jerusalem, The Holy Land
2027: Damascus, Syria

God willing, the tour ends in Damascus, Syria in the year 2027.

On this tour Bill Drummond is working on an evolving list of jobs. He calls them jobs. Others may use another noun, like ‘works’ ‘events’ or ‘performances’

Photo Credit: Tracey Moberly