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Broken Ensemble: War Damaged Musical Instruments (brass section)

20 September to 6 December 2014
Curated by

Gavin Wade

Internationally acclaimed, Berlin based artist Susan Philipsz OBE will create an acoustic environment as a growing musical ensemble of battered, bullet holed and broken instruments unheard for a century or more.

‘Broken Ensemble: War Damaged instruments (Brass Section)’ is Philipsz’s first solo exhibition in the UK since winning the Turner Prize in 2010 and exemplifies the artist’s commitment to exploring the psychological and sculptural potential of sound in relation to unique sites.

Philipsz has made new recordings of the sounds produced from five brass musical instruments damaged in Germany during various conflicts, and since conserved in museum collections. Each of these instruments becomes a performer or member of the ‘Broken Ensemble’, formed for the first time in Eastside Projects.

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