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The culmination of this year’s EOP Summer Camp the exhibition will include works by Katayoun Jalilipour, Alex Parry, and Basel Zaraa, who will be in residence at Eastside Projects from 27 September – 7 October, and live performances by Crow Dillon-Parkin and Lucifer Sky, alongside a showreel and exhibition of new works by over 40 other artists who are members of EOP.

Summer Camp is an opportunity for EOP members to try out ideas, collaborate, experiment, share work and take over Eastside Projects. Extra Ordinary People (EOP) is Eastside Projects’ Associate membership scheme. EOP works with artists, curators, and art-writers to support the development of work, ideas, connections and careers through a programme of events, opportunities, and projects.

Summer Camp Show continues in the gallery and online on STREAM until 15 October.