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STEAMhouse Phase 1

Film by Workshop Birmingham for Make Works see the full profile HERE

STEAMhouse is a new centre for creative innovation and cultural production. Developed by Eastside Projects in partnership with Birmingham City University, Phase 1 is based on Digbeth High Street and has 15,000 sq feet of space with a range of spaces including co-working, project spaces and the Production Space – a substantial, new makerspace with equipment and technicians to support production and prototyping in digital, wood, metal and print.

Creative businesses based in the GBSLEP region, including sole traders like self-employed artists, designers and makers, can apply to be STEAMhouse members.

Members can access a range of support, including the Production Space Open Route which has been designed to support artists to test and develop new work and ideas and offers 12 months free access to STEAMhouse’s fabrication workshops and co-working space alongside a programme of business support.

To apply just complete the registration form which you will find HERE. In section 5 you will need to write a short proposal outlining how you would like to use STEAMhouse. This should focus on:

  • New work you want to make
  • New ideas you want to test
  • New skills you want to develop
  • How being a member of STEAMhouse will enable you to develop your practice and your business.

STEAMhouse is focussed on the development of new products and services. Artists produce artworks and arts projects and provide creative services so, though you might have a new commercial product idea, you can also propose to develop your portfolio and produce a new body of work; make new work for a particular opportunity; build technical skills and test new production processes; or explore ways to extend what you already do through new collaborations or the application of your ideas in different contexts.

We strongly recommend that you book onto one of the Open House Tours before applying – find all the information HERE.

The Production Space facilities are complemented by a programme of talks, events, workshops and STEAMlabs – collaborative, cross disciplinary workshops which bring designers, entrepreneurs, creatives, academics, coders, artists, developers, scientists, manufacturers, health professionals and engineers together.

For more information visit the STEAMhouse website. We would recommend that you book onto one of the Open House tours – you’ll find details and dates on the events page.

To register please complete the STEAMhouse Registration Form and return it to