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Public Projects Ongoing

Link + Shift: SOUNDwalk


May - December 2020

Nature sounds, hidden sounds, commentary, conversation, questions, answers, interpretations… SOUNDkitchen utilises sound and listening to encourage people to make deeper connections with their environment and explore new ways of understanding the place where they live.

For their Link + Shift Artists Walk commission they are developing a SOUNDwalk with the Chelmsley Wood community using their free SOUNDwalker smartphone app. SOUNDkitchen’s SOUNDwalk invites the public to walk to specific locations shown on a GPS map in the app – as they arrive at these locations the app will trigger audio tracks to listen to. These recordings provide creative, positive responses to the immediate environment.

With a focus on the natural environment and ecology of Chelmsley Wood, SOUNDkitchen are working with the local community to identify sites of interest and use their knowledge and expertise to create sonic responses that will populate the walk. SOUNDkitchen is currently in the research and development phase of their project working with Chelmsley Wood-based B37 Project and the Tribal community rangers to map the local green spaces, the woods, parks, lakes and other wild areas.

This project is supported by @WestMidRailway

Follow: @soundkitchenuk