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As we closed Sonia Boyce: In the Castle of My Skin  and Lindsey Mendick: The Yellow Wallpaper early, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have invested time and energy into making an enhanced version of the Virtual Tour for the exhibition. This is the first time we have integrated video works into the virtual tour. Many thanks to the artists for allowing us to share their works this way. This makes for a new version of In the Castle of My Skin in particular. We hope you enjoy it.

Just click on the button at the bottom below the map and titles to start the virtual tour. 

Video works by:

3. Sonia Boyce In the Castle of My Skin, 2020
Dual channel video – colour, sound. 7 min, 30 secs

7. Anna Barham Liquid Consonant, 2012
HD Video Loop

8. Alberta Whittle between a whisper and a cry, 2019
Single channel video, colour, sound. Margaret Tait 2018/9 commission

9. Francis Alÿs De Fluiter, 1999
Single channel video, colour, sound, 0 min 3 secs.

12. Anna Barham, The Squid That Hid, 2015
HD Video, colour, sound, 5 min. 6 secs.

13. Anna Barham, 52nthjt3k8, 2015
Video loop

16. Harold Offeh, Selfie Choreography, 2019
Video, i-phone, selfie stick

Virtual Tour