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Duck Weave

30 January to 9 April 2016
Curated by

Gavin Wade

“Scientists believe that the days were busy for the group of 25 to 30 early humans. Top priorities were hunting and food-gathering, but there was time to weave cloth and fashion tools that would make living easier. Archaeologists were excited to discover complexly woven cloth made of plant fibre, probably palm. The fronds would have been rubbed back and forth until they, became twinelike, then woven, using bone awls to pack the weave tightly. Duck Weave is the oldest fabric recovered in the Western Hemisphere and possibly in the world.”

Richard Woods’ ‘Duck Weave’ is the development of an ancient building technology recently rediscovered by the Internationally renowned artist. Eastside Projects presents the first research stages of Woods’ redeploying of a local ‘Digbeth’ version of this construction technique as the inaugural display of ‘Production Show 2016-18’.

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