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Policy Show

15 September to 16 December 2017
Curated by

Gavin Wade


Lucy Lopez

Project and Publication launch
15 September, 5–7pm (No need to book, just come along!)

Meeting #1: Unspoken policies of the art organisation
15 September, 2–5pm.

Meeting #2: Unspoken policies of housing,
19 October, 2–5pm

Meeting #3: Unspoken policies of education,
1 December, 2–5pm

Policy Show is Eastside Projects as a think tank made up of a core group of artists and curators. The core group will create three new policies at three different scales through the processes of Policy Show. Each policy will be an artwork or be informed by art thinking and art making.

Policy, though not always transparent, is a key human activity. It is a principle or course of action guiding personal, organisational, and political approaches to living. The think tank as a body of experts drafting and informing policy on particular subjects (often social, political, economic or corporate) is an effective but contaminated device for change. Policy Show proposes a think tank as a positive reconstructive force – a no-pressure-think-tank, a working group, a think group or fizz tank.

The Policy Show think tank is centred around a series of open afternoon session, following an adapted town meeting format, in which multiple publics are active participants. Each public meeting will also include invited guests to guide the policy making. At the end of each session the core group will draft a new policy and plan a series of actions to share, test and implement the policy.

The first policy will be drafted in response to unspoken policies of the art organisation – in this case, Eastside Projects – as we move forward into a new stage of our development. Meeting#1 will be facilitated by artist Rosalie Schweiker and will consider questions such as: What would a policy of care look like? Who loads the dishwasher? How good are we at listening to each other? How much should we be paying artists? What is the lifespan of an art organisation?