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Public Projects Upcoming


Friday, 11 June 2021


Loop, Looping, Loopy, Loophole, Loop the loop, Loopers. To ‘loop’ is to encircle, circulate, to begin and then return to.

LOOP: TV Test, gives a first insight into an exhibition in progress that asks what is at stake in experiencing performance? And how is this experience mediated, live and direct in close physical contact or mediated and transmitted via technology and screens? Flowing between a performance lecture and a moving commentary, Loop curator Harold Offeh will guide you through a series of tests in progress by artists, Adham Faramawy, Keiken, Phoebe Collings-James, Samra Mayanja, and Will Fredo as they explore what it means to test, trail and rehearse in public.

LOOP: TV Test, is the first ‘test’ iteration of the LOOP exhibition where Eastside Projects and artist Harold Offeh have invited five artists whose practices expand what performance is now. The artists practices think about forms and narrative structures through performance and choreography that operate for a range of spaces, places and people. Revisiting and re-assessing history through re-iterative, repeating and looping structures in making music, performance and dance.

Hosted on BIDF TV as part of this years Birmingham International Dance Festival (BIDF), LOOP: TV Test will loop its way onto a screen near you. Tune in live to watch as the experience unfolds. Loop will physically occupy Eastside Projects this September.

Birmingham International Dance Festival (BIDF) is produced by Birmingham-based DanceXchange, taking place online on BIDF TV from 3 – 13 June 2021. Featuring a lively programme of screened dance performances, world premieres of major film commissions, and a showcase for local talent. A live version of the festival will return in the autumn. BIDF 2021 celebrates Birmingham as a young, diverse city, a place where anything is possible, where the extraordinary happens.

Image Credit: Dancing with each other and with plants, video sketch with Tylor Deyn and Joseph Funnell, Adham Faramawy, 2021