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Public Projects Ongoing

Link & Shift

2018 – 2026

Chelmsley Wood, Solihull

Link & Shift is a new offsite programme curated by Eastside Projects in partnership with West Midlands Railway. Built around a series of Artists’ Residencies and Artist-Led Walks the programme aims to develop high quality arts opportunities and experiences for people and places along the West Midlands Railway network.

The first iteration of this long-term programme is happening from 2018-2020 in Chelmsley Wood which is served by Marston Green train station. Since 2017 we have been developing a partnership with B37 Project, a community led organisation which is building projects within the theme of the ‘Green Estate’, across arts, food and the environment in North Solihull. Link & Shift activity will be complimented by public events such as the Summer family workshops and ‘Many Worlds’ Summer School that happened in Summer 2018, connecting local young people with practising artists and designers in order to open doors to creative careers.

Alongside supporting Eastside Projects’ wider discussion about artists’ contribution to communities and the built environment, the Link & Shift programme in Chelmsley Wood acts as a pilot for future programmes in other towns and cities across the West Midlands Railway Route. Future residencies might take place within the community and public realm near to stations or within stations, depots, waiting rooms and other places owned by West Midlands Railway. We anticipate working with artists from a range of disciplines, supporting them to research, produce and thrive and an interconnected network of community partners who are working to reimagine their and neighbourhoods in relation to travel, sustainability and cultural activity.

The location, duration and form of the residency will migrate and adapt across the West Midlands Railway network and be developed in response to context, with the aim of building a network of civic-minded projects and artworks, and culturally active citizens.

Current Projects:

Chris Alton: Link & Shift Artists Residency

Past Projects:

Many Worlds Summer School, 2018

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