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Link + Shift Artists Walks


Sarah Taylor Silverwood and SOUNDkitchen (Annie Mahtani and Iain Armstrong) have been commissioned to develop two Artists Walks which will take people on a journey from Marston Green train station into Chelmsley Wood, uncovering new and unexpected stories, animating the area and encouraging residents and visitors to look at where they are from a different perspective.

The Artists Walk project aims to support communities to tell their own stories and collectively re-imagine the places in which they live.

Taking ‘The Green Estate’ as a starting point, SOUNDkitchen will work with local host organisation The B37 Project who will connect them with local residents and groups who are interested in ecological and environmental concerns – environmental activists, allotment holders, bat lovers, tree counters, ornithologists, conservationists, Forest Schoolers, domestic gardeners and biologists (for example). In collaboration they will develop a digital sound walk which can be shared locally and across the West Midlands Railway network on their SOUNDwalks app.

Sarah Taylor Silverwood is working with fifteen gifted and talented children from Fordbridge Primary School to create drawings, animations and zines and co-design an illustrated walk through the estate.

This project is supported by West Midlands Trains.