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Public Projects Upcoming

les ongles noirs (dirty nails), Dakar, Senegal

27 May to 2 June 2024

Ban Workshop
23A Rue OKM 452,
Dakar, Senegal

Public dinners and work-in-progress sharings

Wednesday 30 May, 8pm and Thursday 1 June, 8pm

les ongles noirs (dirty nails) begins a sticky experimental thing happening between Dakar, Senegal and Birmingham, UK. This is an invitation to play, grieve, hum; throw soil on white walls; dance, pray, touch and be moved by the unknown.

Across a week from 27 May Ayesha Jones, Ban Workshop, Ibrahima Ndome, Jade Blackstock, Maria Muehombo/ M I M I, melissandre varin, Sym Mendez/Sym Stellium and Wutangu will gather at Ban Workshop in Dakar, Senegal to take part in an experimental residency with artists’ rituals, public meals, performances, open talking circles, workshops and public sharings.

Everyone is welcome to join the artists on Thursday 30 May and Saturday 1 June, 4-7pm and 8pm for two public dinners and work-in-progress sharings as part of the OFF.

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