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Jerwood Encounters: 3-Phase

31 January to 11 April 2015

Jerwood Encounters: 3-Phase is a new artist development collaboration between Eastside Projects (Birmingham) and g39 (Cardiff) and Jerwood Charitable Foundation, through its London based gallery programme Jerwood Visual Arts. 3-Phase offers two early career artists the opportunity to make new work that will be exhibited through a year long programme of exhibitions across the collaborating galleries.

Kelly Best
31 January – 28 February

Kelly Best presents an ambitious new drawing, entitled Velum. Though Best’s practice is rooted in drawing she deals with architectural concerns by thinking past the constraints of the edge of the paper and drawing directly onto the wall and floor. Using the full scale of the second gallery at Eastside Projects, she has developed her largest exhibition to date, a bespoke, modular wall structure; a large, curved, sculptural surface that supports a dense, ten metre long pencil drawing, which alters the space of the room and surrounds the viewer.

Georgie Grace
7 March – 11 April

Georgie Grace’s practice occupies a space somewhere between still and moving image. Her interest in the intangible quality of digital reading and effect of constantly shifting surfaces of the screen are questioned through her silent film works comprising found imagery and text. Grace’s film seamlessly knits together grainy, monochrome stills though a text narration – a contemporary voice that speaks of aspiration, desire and utopian ideals, but also their perils. This complex constellation of curious and anxiety filled imagery draws upon ideas put forward by futurologists and technological entrepreneurs.